Sunday, June 20, 2010

China is eager to introduce trade relation with India

China is very much keen to establish trade relation with India, where there is acute business potentiality. The construction of the Steel Well Road from the eastern sector of the North East India, a project undertaken by the Government of India to connect Mynmar in the year 2004 has not yet been materialized, though the media report reflected that a sum of Rs. 48 crore was sanctioned for the purpose. The Govern of India, it is learn, is in a dilemma to make a thoroughfare through the dense Patkai Hilly region, which make convenience for easy movement of the ultras. It is also not a denial of fact that the any trade relation with China will accelerate the economic activities in India. A decision will probably be taken after study of the political and environmental spares.
An article on “Steel Well Road topic vis-à-vis the trade relation between India and China published in the Assam daily “ Janasadharan” on 16th June, 2010 will throw some light in the matter.

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