Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A brief of the Article on Basistha Temple.

The Article “AOITIHASHIK BASISTHA MANDIR” (TRADITIONAL BASISTHA TEMPLE), written by me in Assamese published in the Janasadhran- Sunday Magazine “Ityadi” on 6th June, 2010, reflected the present picture of the holy shrine, where Maharshi Basistha of the Ramayana era made an end of his life. The grave inside the temple, where the body of the great sage is taking eternal rest , attracts many pilgrims not only of Guwahati or Assam, but the people from different places of India use to come to offer worship to the renowned sage, who is also well known for his miraculous ‘Kamdhenu giving milk, whenever necessary. The Bashistha river, rolled by the side of the Samadhi, had three channels, namely; Sandhya, Lalita and Kanta, where the great sage used to make “Trisandhya’ (meditation & worship) in the morning, evening and noon.
The Article presented a picture of the miserable environmental scenario of the temple side including the approaching roads, which is intended to attract the attention of the Guwahati Development Authority as well as the Government of Assam.

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