Friday, November 14, 2014


Human life is full of complicacy. One has to work hard to attain success in his struggle for existence. In such a process, he has to sacrifice a lot without caring for his personal gain or comfort. Side by side, he has to take care to uplift the position of a downtrodden family with his untired efforts and immense sacrifices. But when there is any up-rise of the standard of the family and all members get well established, the beneficiaries use to forget the past, find it difficult to recall one’s past sacrifices and is very much conscious to maintain the present aristocratic way of life with so called austerity of his official position and gorgeousness in public life. The past sacrifices made by the chief architect are buried into the grave. He not only ignores the ardent sacrifices of the sailor of the boat, which was, in fact, practically the ladder of his prosperity, but also does not hesitate to use abusive words to make insultation in various ways. His position in public eyes, however, does not accelerate, but all use to condemn such prideful gesture and practically, he becomes a laughing stock amongst all.

 These types of happenings are not rare now days, but are frequently visible.

Mrinal Kanti Chakrabarrty
R.G.Barua Road,10-Lakhimipath,

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