Monday, November 24, 2014

Present glory- Look back to the past

              Past, present and future are the three inherent components of human life.  One’s glorious present might have a dark past. This eventuality must always be remembered and reckoned with right earnest. Such person may be elevated to the mount of glory. He may have acquired immense fortune, but he should remember the past and the sacrifices made for him by the elder, primarily playing the pivotal role in building of his maiden career with hard toils and immense hardship. With such a creeper like growth and expansion of career, he may reach to the climax, but the remembrance of the past with a profound gratitude will always be counted to be a noble and healthy gesture. While ascending to any glorious position with man power, money power by occupying a high status in the society, a number of such persons may have the occasion to lose his mental equilibrium and makes the past to be buried into the grave. He is engrossed with his present glory and grandeur and it rather becomes ornamental to him with, however, a hollow in-look. He forgets his originality, past way of life; sacrifices made by the elders. With so called high profile, he becomes profusely confused and becomes proud. He fails to recognize the main ingredients and also that of the real builder of his life, derecognizes the sacrifices and the benevolence by speaking public nonsense against such person, by ignoring and insulting and even some times adopting the hostile attitude at the conspiracy and instigation of the inmates and other self- interested persons.
           That, no doubt, makes the way of his moral degradation, his glory and grandeur of life use to recede and this ultimately becomes instrumental to the gradual sorrowful and gloomy hours of life with the landslide fall. God is almighty. He has always blessing to the nobles, but becomes unkind to the evil doers with odd dealings, whoever it may be.

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