Monday, March 3, 2014

A Glimpse on the Taxation History of Assam

Inauguration ceremony of the book “A Glimpse on the Taxation History Of Assam “, written by Mrinal Kanti Chakrabartty, a Retd. Officer of the Taxation Department, Govt. of Assam held on 2nd March 2014 at Lakhiram Barua Sadan, Guwahati, Assam.

The book was inaugurated by Mrs. Anima Hazarika , Retired Judge of the Hon’ble Gauhati High Court.
The chief guest of honour was Shri N. N. Baruah, IAS (Retired) Ex-Commissioner of Taxes, Assam.
The distinguished Guests of honour were:-
The renowned Journalist, Critic and Social Worker Shri Haider Hussain   ;
The renowned Journalist, Critic and social worker Sri Adip Kumar Phukan, who has profound vision on the development of economy of Assam.
Apart from praising Shri M. K. Chakrabartty for his painful endeavour for making out an important book on the various Tax Laws enacted in Assam since 1939 with critical analysis, opinions and suggestions thereon in his old age, all opined that this book will be a valuable book, not only for the present and future generation of the Taxation Department, but also for the legal practitioners and the trading communities, as a whole.
Shri Chakrabartty, on the other hand, expressed his profound experience during his service period as well as after retirement from service in the matter of taxation being connected with the state economy.
Shri Hiranya Kumar Choudhury, Supt. of  Taxes also highly expressed his regards to Shri Chakrabartty and association with him in the service and post- service period of Shri Chakrabartty.

Smti Shruti Buzar Baruah , a well known singer sang the inaugural song Saraswati Bandana.

This is the 16th book written by Shri M.K. Chakrabartty.

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